Thought of the Day December 29, 2015

By 10:25 AM

Before the coming of Christ, "Notice that peace is not promised but sent to us;  it is no longer deferred, it is given; peace is not prophesied but achieved. It is as if God the Father sent upon the earth a purse full of his mercy. This purse was burst open during the Lord's passion to pour forth its hidden contents--the price of our redemption. It was only a small purse, but it was very full. As the Scriptures tell us: 'A little child has been given to us, but in him dwells all the fullness of the divine nature.'" (St. Bernard) How grateful should we be during this season of Christmas to God for his abundant mercy, love and peace, shown to us in the person of his Divine Child, God/Man. Continue to be open to this grace of Christmas, even though the day is past.

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