Thought of the Day February 17, 2017

By 11:00 AM

A brother came to visit Abba Macarius the Egyptian and
said to him: “Abba, give me a word, that I may be saved.”
So the old man said: “Go to the cemetery and abuse the
dead.” The brother went there and abused them, throwing
stones at them. He returned and told the old man about it.
The elder said: “Did they not speak to you?” He replied:
“No.” The old man then said: “Go back tomorrow and
praise them.” So the brother went there and praised them,
calling them apostles, saints and righteous. He returned to
the old man and said: “I went and praised them.” The old
man replied: “Did they not respond?” The brother said:
“No.” The old man finally said: “See how you insulted them
and they did not reply; and how you praised them and still they did not speak. If you wish to be saved, you must do the same and become like a dead person. Like them, take no account of either scorn or praise, and you will be saved.” (Unknown) An interesting view of dealing with one
of the seven deadly sins. It may have been the sin of the
Lucifer. It is surely a struggle in our life. Don't worry what
people think or say about or to you. Only what God thinks
and says is of value. We are who we are in the eyes of
God, nothing more, nothing less. To think thus is humility
and truth; to think otherwise is pride and sin.

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