Thought of the Day August 19, 2015

By 10:41 AM

"You should adore our Lord Jesus Christ, who makes Himself present to us on the altar, so that we might offer him the homage and adoration we owe. Pray that just as He changes the lower earthly nature of bread and wine into His Body and Blood he might change and transform also the sluggishness, coldness and dryness of our earthly and arid heat into the fire, tenderness and agility of the holy divine affections and dispositions of His divine and heavenly heart. Then you should remember that Christians are one with Jesus Christ, as members with their head . . . .They should also be there as hosts and victims who are but one host just as they are one priest with Jesus Christ. They need to be immolated and sacrificed with the same Jesus Christ for the glory of God." (St. John Eudes) This transformation potentially occurs when we receive Jesus in Communion. I say potentially, because we must offer to Jesus those areas that need to be transformed. Then he can bring about the change.

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