Thought of the Day February 14, 2018 Dependence on God

By 9:24 AM

Jesus chose to be born to a young woman who was blessed by God but was insignificant in the eyes of the world. She and Joseph were among the “anawim”. They were too poor to offer anything in the Temple but two birds, the offering of the materially lowly ones. Jesus himself was born in poverty in the impoverished surroundings of a cave, with the hay of a manger for his first bed. He became an itinerant preacher dependent upon God for his sustenance. Though he was God, the beginning and end of all things, he embraced the life of the “anawim” in his humanity. His desire was to please the Father by doing the will of his Abba, without counting the cost. This was the foundation of his interior happiness. At the same time it was in this context that he spoke to the poor and the rich, inviting each to have the same attitude. What was that attitude? He was not attached to people or things, only to God, his Father. Does my life reflect his life in this aspect? 

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