Thought of the Day February 2, 2018 New Creation

By 10:00 AM

What does it mean to be a new creation?  To be a new creation is to be reborn in water and the spirit. In our initial creation we were given human life through the human but sacramental love of our father and mother cooperating in the miraculous and mysterious divine love of  God.  We became a human creation of God, like all other creation, except we were made in the image and likeness of God. We were gifted with a mind to know and a will to choose.

But even in this state we were like all earthly creatures, distant from God.  Yet, distant is not quite correct.  We were alienated from God because of the misuse of these special gifts of  knowledge and free will.

God's plan was and is that we, as human beings, would not only be created in his image and likeness but that we would share his very divine life as adopted sons and daughters.  To this end he made us into a new creation.  Such love is beyond our imagination and understanding.  Rather than be grateful, we wanted to know what was the catch.  It was too good to be true, to be taken on face value.  Nothing so great is that free.  We began to doubt, to question, to explore other possibilities, to investigate what we might be missing, to choose other options.  Rather than accept God as the infinite God and ourselves as limited and dependent creatures in relationship with God, we wanted to be equal to God, knowing what he knows.  Instead  we knew and experienced what God did not know, sin.  No longer sons and daughters we became enemies.  No longer sharing the life of glory,  but alienated and  driven into the life of darkness and death. (to be continued)

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