Thought of the Day July 20, 2018 Father's love

By 10:04 AM

God the Father loves his Son. The Son receives the love in thanksgiving. In receiving the Father’s love thus the Son acknowledges the Father’s love and validates it. Knowing that the Son receives his love is sufficient for the Father who delights in loving his Son. The Father doesn’t look for love in return. However, the Son loves the Father and therefore responds to the Father in love.

In turn, Jesus fathered the apostles through love. His love was manifested in acceptance of the each, in directing each  to reach his  full potential, in forgiveness and healing, in challenging each, in providing the best for each, in laying down his life for each..

It is in the context of that love each finds self understanding and self worth. This self worth is a gift that does not come from the outside but is already a given within them. But that self-worth can only be discovered and acknowledged in the context of love and acceptance.

Jesus reveals and the Spirit confirms a Father who cares for us.  Jesus does this in his teachings and his actions: the image of the Good Shepherd who goes after the lost sheep and when he finds it he rejoices; the parable of the lost coin and the rejoicing upon finding it.  Jesus reveals the Father who is merciful and forgiving.  As Jesus reached out to the sinners and outcasts, he was saying “I am doing my Father’s will, who sends me to show his mercy and love, forgiveness and reconciliation.” When he healed the sick, cast out the demons, raised the dead to life, he was showing the mercy, compassion and love of the Father. (To be continued)

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