Thought of the Day July 31, 2018 God is good

By 11:28 AM


How do we taste the goodness of the Lord? How do we see 

the goodness of the Lord? What do we mean by the goodness of  

the Lord?  It is a question which can never be fully explained, 

understood, appreciated or responded.

The Lord is good indeed!

He is Creator, all that he created was and is good. He made us in 

        his own image and likeness.

God is Good! Because...

He is love. He is holy, he is kind and merciful

He is our rock, our refuge, our hope, our strength, our savior, 

    our shield

He is the beginning and the end

He is the source of all blessing

He is our Father; we are the clay, he is the potter

He is lie a mother who can never forget us.

He has written our names on the palm of his hand.

He loves us so much that he has called us his children

He loves us so much that when we sinned, he promised to 

    rescue us, restore us and bring us back to himself
What God is like our God who is so close to us?

God is almighty, faithful, righteous and true

He is the eternal God who is all wise, all knowing, the God of 

    glory, of miracles, of life.

God of all kingdoms of earth; God of justice

He is Emmanuel--God with us--nearby and far away--

    transcendent and immanent at the same time, with us and

    within us

He is the God of Covenant love                                           

Love alone moved God to choose Abraham and to bring 

Israel out of Egypt, to bless his obedient people with 

health, prosperity and children.

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