Thought of the Day His coming is for you in love

By 9:36 AM

How do we reconcile the image of God as the Lord who is to judge the living and the dead; the Creator of all; the One seated on the throne; the All-in-All; this is Jesus, the Risen Lord; the Lamb who won the victory, the Reconciler, the Word made Flesh.

Response: Why do you hesitate? Do you not know who it is that is knocking, who is calling you by name? It is the One who loves us more than anyone else, who comes to fulfill us and perfect us; who offers us life to the fullest, who comes to provide and protect us; to share the journey with us; to strengthen us on journey.

He has come to set the captives free; to proclaim the gospel to the poor and to heal the broken heart, to bring peace and reconciliation; to lift our burdens, to give us the gift of His Spirit.

We should not be locked behind closed doors; we should be watching for him, anticipating his coming, run out to meet him and greet him and escort him into the house; we should prepare a banquet for him, prepare a feast so that we can celebrate with him.

But many of us are like the lost sheep in the parable whom Jesus has to search out and reach our for.

God has come again and again to rescue his people who have locked themselves in the bondage of sin and slavery: Adam in the Garden, Noah and his family; Lot and his family; the descendants of Jacob in Egypt; the covenanted people in exiled in Babylon; all peoples enslaved by sin. He comes to you, calling you to himself in an intimacy of love beyond understanding. Don't resist.

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