Thought of the Day September 7, 2018 The God of love

By 8:49 AM

If the voice of the Lord seems angry with us or we are afraid to her his voice, we may be projecting our own self-guilt or self-condemnation upon the Lord. We perceive that he is angry with us because we deserve his anger. We are like the guilty child who automatically puts his hand out to be slapped.

To say he stands at the door knocking illustrates the Lord's respect for our freedom--to choose to invite him in or to choose to ignore him. Imagine: The Lord God who created us out of nothing; who has power of life and death over us; who can annihilate us; asks us permission to come into our lives. Does that make sense? Isn't that somewhat foolish? God waiting upon us; Aren't we to wait upon the Lord? The mystery of the person who is God. "My ways are not your ways; my thoughts are not your thoughts" "For God's folly is wiser than men, and his weakness more powerful than men." The mystery of free will; the mystery of love; the mystery of relationship. Our God is unpredictable. Who can understand the mind of God?

It is the same God who when we sin forgives us and makes us white as snow. (Is) It is the same God who loved us so much that he became man. (Phil) It is the same God who gave this life for us when we were sinners. (Rom 5)

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