Thought of the Day November 20, 2015

By 11:08 AM

"We thank you, God, for the care that did not come to try us, the burden that we did not bear, the trouble that passed by us, the task we did not fail to do, the hurts we did not cherish, the friend who did not prove untrue, the joy that did not perish. We thank you for the blinding storm that did not lose its swelling, and for the sudden blight of harm that came not nigh our dwelling. We thank you for the dart unsped, the bitter word unspoken, the grave unmade, the tear unshed, the heart-tie still unbroken." (Author Unknown) This is an interesting perspective to add to our prayer of gratitude to God. We will probably only know in heaven the many ways God spared us from these many unknown harms. But what if we anticipate that moment by thanking God daily for the unknown ways he has shown his mercy, love and protection to us and our loved ones? Thank you, God!

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