Thought of the Day November 23, 2015

By 10:32 AM

"God gave you this day to do just as you would.
You can throw it away--or do some good.
You can make someone happy, or make someone sad,
What have you done with the day that you had?
God gave it to you to do just as you would,
You could do what is wicked, or do what is good.
You can hand out a smile, or just give 'em a frown,
You can lift someone up, or push someone down.
You can lighten some load, or some progress impede,
You can look for a rose, or just gather some weed.
What did you do with your beautiful day?
God gave it to you, did you throw it away?" (Author unknown) This thought-provoking poem can give us a positive focus for each day of our lives. Each day is a gift from God. What we do with it is our response to that gift, showing whether we are grateful or not.

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