Thought of the Day January 20, 2016

By 12:23 PM

"The full and visible Christian unity that we long for demands that we let ourselves be transformed and that we conform ever more perfectly to the image of Christ. The unity we pray for requires an inner conversion that is both common and personal. It is not merely a matter of cordiality or cooperation, it is necessary above all to strengthen our faith in God, in the God of Jesus Christ, who spoke to us and made himself one of us. It is necessary to enter into new life in Christ, who is our true and definitive victory; it is necessary to open ourselves to one another, understanding all the elements of unity that God keeps for us and gives us ever anew; it is necessary to be aware of the urgent need to bear witness among the people of our time to the living God, who made himself known in Christ." (Pope Benedict XVI) The journey to the unity Jesus prayed for begins and continues in on going conversion. If my heart is not changed, then I will not be open to the other. But if Jesus changes my heart through the grace of mercy, then I will see the other as someone in Christ as well.

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