Thought of the Day January 8, 2016

By 10:35 AM

"When we have something on our mind and we want to ask God to forgive us, it is He who is waiting for us--to forgive us....Why? To embrace us. Nothing more. To say to us: son, daughter, I love you. I let my Son be crucified for you: this is the price of my love, this is the gift of my love." (Pope Francis) How can we resist such an invitation? And yet many do. Why? Is it pride and a feeling that I have to do something?  I can't just accept unconditional love. Is it a sense of shame and guilt and a feeling of being unworthy? That is why he became Man to make visible his love in spite of our guilt. There is no reason to hesitate if we look intently at the crucified Savior.

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