Thought of the Day January 22, 2016

By 11:09 AM

"Pope John XXIII, who was moved by God to summon the Council, used to say: 'What separates us as believers in Christ is much less than what unites us.' In this statement we find the heart of ecumenical thinking...we need to be more united, more willing to advance along the path toward the unity for which Christ prayed on the eve of His Passion. This unity is enormously precious. In a certain sense, the future of the world is at stake." (Pope St. John Paul II) What unites us?  That God is Triune and that Jesus Christ is Lord, True God and True Man, the Savior of the world. We are united in the Sacred Scriptures which we share (even though our interpretation may be different.) We are united in our concern for those in need.

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