Thought of the Day February 11, 2016

By 10:34 AM

I came across this and found it interesting and provoking.  St. Bernadette embraced the cross of daily afflictions with a spirit of gratitude. She wrote: " Thank You, my God, for the procurator, the superintendent of police, the policemen, and for Abbe Peyramale's harsh words! For the slap in the face,...for the bantering, the insults, for those who believed I was crazy, for those who believed I was lying, for those who believed I was greedy, thank you, Lady Mary! For the spelling I never learned, the knowledge of books I never had, for my ignorance and my stupidity, thank you! For my mother who died so far away, for my sorrow when my father instead of opening his arms to his little Bernadette, called me 'Sister Marie-Bernard', I thank you, Jesus!" How many times we will experience similar affronts from others this Lent? What will we do with them? Retaliate? Get angry? Be non-forgiving? Or will we say, "thank you, Jesus, for allowing me to share in your sufferings for my sake in your life and Passion? The grace of Lent touches us each day.

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