Thought of the Day, February 4, 2016

By 10:06 AM

What is the greatest inheritance we can leave our children? The Holy Father says it is faith. Reflecting on David's final words to his son Solomon, the Holy Father said, "Before dying, David exhorted his son Solomon to observe the Law of the Lord... He left the most beautiful and greatest inheritance a man or a woman can leave their children: He left them the faith." What a sobering thought! The greatest treasure we have received is our faith in the God who loves us and wants us to be with him forever in glory. But this treasure is to be past on to our children, as we promised to God on the day of their baptism. Wealth and other possessions will come and go. Faith with hope and charity will last till the end. What is that faith? A personal relationship with God! Instill this in them and then die peacefully.

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