Thought of the Day January 20, 2017

By 9:46 AM

What is the hope that we are called as Christians to embrace? Pope Francis says this about hope. "Christian hope is not optimism, it is not the ability to look at the bright side of things and move forward, nor is it merely a positive attitude. This is all good, but it is not hope. Hope is a risky virtue; as St. Paul says, it is a virtue of eager longing for the revelation of the Son of God....Hope means striving toward this revelation, toward this joy that will fill our mouths with laughter and our tongues with shouts of joy." Our hope is to live forever in the presence of God. While we hope for this revelation to be fulfilled, we are urged by the author of the Letter to the Hebrew to keep our eyes fixed on Jesus. Pope Francis said: "If we don't keep our eyes fixed on Jesus it is difficult for us to have hope. We can perhaps be optimistic, be positive, but this is not hope." Jesus is our hope, the source of our hope, the end of our hope.

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