Thought of the Day January 26, 2017

By 10:37 AM

"I admonish you, Timothy, to stir into flame the grace of God, which is in you....For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of virtue, and of love, and of self-restraint. So be not ashamed our your testimony for the sake of the Gospel." (St. Paul Second Letter to Timothy 1:6-7) God has given us the gift of his Holy Spirit in Baptism and in Confirmation. We sometimes forget the spiritual powers we have been given. We too need to ask God to stir these gifts once more in us so that we can boldly testify to the person of Jesus Christ and what he has done in our lives. Otherwise, we will allow fear or complacency to stifle the call of God which we received in Baptism and Confirmation to be his witnesses to others. "But as for you, truly be vigilant, laboring in all things. Do the work of an Evangelist, fulfilling your ministry." (2 Timothy 4:5)

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