Thought of the Day January 30, 2017

By 10:38 AM

"We are all wounded people. Who wounds us? Often those whom we love and those who love us. When we feel rejected, abandoned, abused, manipulated, or violated, it is mostly by people very close to us: our parents, our friends, our spouses, our lovers, our children, our neighbors, our teachers, our pastors. Those who love us wound us too. That's the tragedy of our lives. This is what makes forgiveness from the heart so difficult. It is precisely our hearts that are wounded. We cry out, 'You, who I expected to be there for me, you have abandoned me. How can I ever forgive you for that?' Forgiveness often seems impossible, but nothing is impossible for God. The God who lives within us will give us the grace to go beyond our wounded selves and say, 'In the Name of God you are forgiven.'" Let's pray for that grace."(Henri Nouwen) We are all wounded to some degree. It is part of the human journey. For some the wound is deep; for others it is not. Many of us continue to allow these wounds to fester and cause other problems. We have tried many "human" remedies but to no success. We have heard of the "divine" remedy, forgiveness, but feel we can't go there. However, only when we believe and embrace this remedy of God can we find release and freedom from the past. It is a process, but in the end the fruit of wholeness will be there.

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