Thought of the Day August 9, 2017 Surrender

By 9:29 AM

“There is a state of resting in God, an absolute break from
all intellectual activity, when one forms no plans, makes no
decisions and for the first time really ceases to act, when
one simply hands over the future to God’s will and
‘surrenders himself to fate’.” (St. Teresa Benedicta of the
Cross) To surrender oneself totally into the hands of the
unseen God of the universe is scary. There is an innate
need for each of us to be in control of our own existence.
To surrender in trust to God seems to go against every
thing we have been told or feel at the moment. If I
surrender myself into the hands of God, what will remain
of me? Jesus answered this haunting question. “If you
hold onto your life, you will loose it; but if you loose your
life for my sake, you will have life abundantly.” Mystery!!!
Surrender and be set free.

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