Thought of the Day October 18, 2017 The false self

By 10:28 AM

Ultimately, besides separation and suffering the cross means death. What must die? The false self which is like a little god. What is this false self? All that I cling to which is other than God; all the created things that I think I need to make me who I am; all the trappings I put on so that others may accept and like me. It is only when the false self is put to death that the true self is able to fully live in the freedom of a child of God.

The false self is imbued by pride, the pride that sees myself other than what I really am or whom God actualy sees me to be. To die to this pride that puffs and props me up is not easy. Something within me is afraid to allow this to die, for fear that I will be nothing. But the fact is that I am nothing what I claim or pretend to be, only what I really am.

The false self seeks the affirmation of others, seeks to be liked and accepted by others. The false self is willing to pay any price for such affirmation and acceptance. There is the perception that others make me who I am and pleasing others is necessary for me to be acceptable and loved.

To die to the false self is to entrust our lives into the hands of the living God. It is only trust in God that allows us to accept the true self loved and accepted by God. As we are able to accept and embrace this aspect of death, then the final decision to commend our lives into the hands of God at the moment of our physical death will not be that difficult. For just as both in life and death we belong to the Lord, our true self can only find its ultimate fulfillment in God now and in death.

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