Thought of the Day June 1, 2020 Jesus is Lord

By 10:14 AM

Jesus is Lord and Messiah. This was the first message Peter preached on the Day of Pentecost. What does it mean for Jesus to be Lord, to be our Lord? First of all, Jesus is the Lord of all creation. As a created being, we belong to him. Paul says that we belong to the Lord, whether we live or die. As Lord he gave us life and as Lord he can take our life away.

Secondly, when Jesus died on the cross for our sins, he became our justification and righteousness before the Father. Being slaves of sin, we were set free at the cost of his shed blood. We belong to the Lord by virtue of redemption. But we were still alienated from God.

Thirdly, in the waters of Baptism God adopted us as his sons or daughters and shared his own Divine Life. In this regeneration we became a new creation. We now belong to the Lord in a life of grace, sealed with the Holy Spirit. We live now, not we, but Christ Jesus in us.

All this Jesus did for us out of unconditional love independent of any response from us. What should our response be now? Only love responds to love. Our love is expressed through obedience to his will for us. In obedience we choose to witness him to others in the power of the Spirit. He is Lord and we are his disciple/witnesses.

Jesus, I acknowledge and proclaim you as my personal Lord and Savior. I commit to you to live under your Lordship today.

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