Thought of the Day June 12, 2020 Reality of the Eucharist

By 10:18 AM

At the Last Supper, Jesus actualized this teaching on the Eucharist when he took bread, blessed, broke it. He then gave it to those at table with him saying: “Take and eat. This is my Body.” Then he took the chalice of wine and gave thanks. Handing it to those at table, he said: “Drink from this, all of you. For this is my blood of the new covenant, which shall be shed for many as a remission of sins.” (Mt 26:27-28) At the time, without understanding what was happening, the disciples acted in faith. Their faith was in the person of Jesus. Probably only after Pentecost with the gift of the Spirit did they began to connect the dots between the gift of Manna in the desert, then what Jesus revealed in John 6 and finally the event of the Last Supper.

We believe that at the words of Jesus through the power of the Holy Spirit bread and wine are substantially changed into the real Body and Blood of Jesus. We call this transubstantiation.  This means that, after the words of consecration, what appears as bread and wine is now in actuality the real Body and Blood of Jesus. It is not a symbol of a reality, or a reminder of a past reality, but the reality itself.

As Jesus made it clear, in recognizing his Body and Blood in faith and receiving it in full awareness of our unworthiness, we are sharing in the Divine Life of God in a fresh new way—the life given to us in Baptism . God in us and we in God!  Mystery! In silent awe and gratitude we worship God, who chooses to make our bodies living tabernacles for his glorified Body and Blood. Like St Thomas, the Apostle, we acclaim: “My Lord and my God.”

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