Thought of the Day June 22. 2020 Fear is useless

By 9:57 AM

In yesterday's Gospel reading, Jesus repeated three times: Do not be afraid. Do not be afraid of speaking the truth. Do not be afraid of what others can do to you. Do not be afraid to acknowledge me before others. Why? He reminds us that he is with us always, even though we do not see or feel him. He reminds us that we are precious in the eyes of the Father.

How often do we let human fear dictate our response rather than our relationship with God? How often do we fear what others may say or do more than we fear God's response?  How often do forget to live in our true identity as a son or daughter of God? 

Jesus' response to Jairus, when he was told that his daughter had died, was "Fear is useless. What is needed is trust." Ask for the grace to trust in God's presence, promise and protection the next time we become afraid. His grace is available, but we must ask for it and respond to it. Who can be against me if God is with me?

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