Thought of the Day December 17, 2020 Love and joy

By 9:57 AM

"We who are Christians  have a further cause for joy: like Jesus, we know that we are loved by God our Father. This love transforms our lives and fills us with joy. It makes us see that Jesus did not come to lay burdens upon us. He came to teach us what it means to be fully happy and fully human. Therefore, we discover joy when we discover truth--the truth about God our Father, the truth about Jesus our Savior, the truth about the Holy Spirit who lives in our hearts." (Pope Saint John Paul II)

Maybe this truth is what escapes many people. the truth is we are loved by God. But because some people did not perceived they were loved by their parents, they have a hard time believing that God loves them. Some people feel they had to earn love, whether from their parents  or from God. Both are lies. If love is a cause of joy, no wonder they lack joy in their lives.  Yet, all is not hopeless. God continues to pursue us with his love, with the desire that one day we will accept and embrace his love as a free gift. That day will be the beginning of a new existence. We will know that true inner joy that each longs for. 

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