Thought of the Day December 23, 2020 God will provide

By 10:20 AM

As Mary rode the donkey, she would look at Joseph. She knew he loved her and she loved him.  She heard his comforting words as they moved forward toward their destination and the divine appointment awaiting them. She again pondered on the words of the Angel. Why did God choose her to be the Mother of the Lord? She was a young simple teenager from an insignificant village. And yet God gave her the greatest privilege that many women longed for. It was a mystery to Mary which she chose to embrace without understanding.  What else will God reveal to her in her role as the Mother of the Savior? What will the future hold for her and Joseph as they form this special child of God? Will they be ready? Only with God’s help, she acknowledged.  God would not have chosen her, unless he has and will gift her for her new responsibilities as Mother and wife. 

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