Thought of the Day December 29, 2020 The grace of God has appeared

By 11:05 AM

“Saint Paul tells us: “The grace of God has appeared”. The grace of God, “bringing salvation to all” (Tit 2:11), has shone on our world this night. But what is this grace? It is divine love, the love that changes lives, renews history, liberates from evil, fills hearts with peace and joy. Tonight the love of God has been revealed to us: it is Jesus. In Jesus, the Most High made himself tiny, so that we might love him. But we can still ask ourselves: why does Saint Paul describe the coming of God into our world as “grace”? To tell us that it is utterly free. Whereas on earth everything seems to be about giving in order to get, God comes down freely. His love is non-negotiable: we did nothing to deserve it and we will never be able to repay it.” (Pope Francis)


Simple but mysterious! What is it that we need the most? Is it not love? Love for love’s sake is God’s love for us. This is hard for us to fully grasp. Many may not have had anyone in their life who loved them unconditionally, without any strings attached. God became man in order to reveal God’s love for us in a human way. Just the act of becoming one like us in all things but sin should be enough. “God so love the world that he gave us his only begotten Son.”  But to ensure that this love would be unquestionable, he gave his life for us. “Greater love has no one than to lay down his life for his friends.” Love is responded to with love. And responded love brings a state of oneness with God, which benefits us. Simple but mysterious! 

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