Thought of the Day May 10, 2021 God's indwelling presence

By 10:32 AM

We will reflect this week on one of the mysteries revealed to us by God in the scriptures. The invisible but real indwelling presence of God within us.  By virtue of creation we exist and are sustained in existence by God. We can say that this is God's external presence in our life. But in lieu of the sin of Adam and Eve, our relationship with God, when we came into the world, is that of alienation. However, by virtue of Jesus' death and resurrection, we  have been set free, but still in alienation from God, until the moment of being baptized in the waters of salvation. 

At that moment the grace of redemption transformed us. God recreated us. We were no longer mere creatures, being sustained by God. God in his great love adopted us as his sons and daughters. The seal of this adoption was the Holy Spirit, who enabled us to share in the divine life of God, by dwelling in us in a unique and mysterious way. Besides being externally sustained, we are internally one with God. The presence of God within us is invisible but real. "As God's children, the Holy Spirit fills us up, completes us and even prays within us" (Pope Paul VI).

This has been the plan of God from all eternity. God created us out of love, so that we might share i n his life, and in doing so, to be perfected in his love. To the extent we become attentive to the in dwelling presence of the Holy Spirit our lives will be different. How attentive are we to this reality, God dwelling within me, sharing his own divine life with us? How can we respond to this unearned gift of love?

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