Thought of the Day May 25, 2021 The gift of healing

By 11:33 AM

What are some of the works which Jesus did in the power of the Holy Spirit, which he wants us to be open to, following the lead of the Spirit?


How often did Jesus heal people with a variety of illnesses! What was one of the first sign and wonder did Peter and John exercised? After Pentecost, before entering the Temple, they healed in the name of Jesus a crippled beggar. When Philip, the Deacon, went to Samaria, preaching the word of God, he healed many. Paul healed during his missionary journeys.


Does God want us to be open to being instruments of healing through the laying on of hands and praying with faith expectation? What would happen if we take the example and the words of Jesus seriously? The words of Jesus still ring true: “As the Father has sent me, so I send you” (John 20:21). "The works I do, you will do.

We are called not to be the healer, but to allow Jesus to use us in his healing of others. We may be afraid of failure. Instead, we should focus on obedience to the word of God. Whether I see healing or not is not important. Whether I was obedient to the word of God and the move of the Spirit is.


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