Thought of the Day September 1, 2021 We will serve the Lord

By 10:05 AM

We have witnessed and maybe experience one natural tragedy and human-caused tragedy after the other. It is easy for us to question "Why"? But that begs the real question. We expect God to protect us from these things, while as a people we act contrary to God's Commandments. Could these tragedies be a wake-up call from God? Like the people of the Old Testament, we have a double standard. God is to keep his promises, but as a people we can do whatever we please. In our morals and our laws, we have rejected God. But why should the believers suffer along with the non-believers? That has been the mystery. Is it to draw the faithful closer to God? Is it to be a witness to the non-believers? We don't know. But what we do know is that the faithful remnant will enjoy eternal glory with God. Those who persist in rejecting God will not. Like Joshua, let us choose to serve the Lord, in spite of tragedy. 

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