Thought of the Day September 23, 2021 The prize is worth it

By 10:22 AM

Because of the recent hurricane Ida which devastated our area of the country, I have been without internet for the past three weeks. Thus, I was unable to send Thoughts of the Day to you. But praise God, internet came back on last night, so I am able to resume.

One day Brother Elias found St. Francis crying over how terrible a sinner he was. Surprised, Br. Elias asked how he could think such a thing. Francis therein recalled all the graces he had received and reflected that if any other man had received them, they would have been a far greater man that he.

How true this is! Each of us has received many graces over the years of our lives and, like Francis, failed to respond accordingly. And yet, God continued to grace us in spite of our sinfulness and ingratitude. Why? God loves us so much that he doesn't let our lack of response hinder or deter him from continuing to give us more than we deserve, but truly need.  Instead of lamenting that we have not done enough in the past, it would be better to respond to the grace of the moment and begin to become the person that God sees us to be. We will still fall short, but hopefully move forward, even it if is two steps forward and one backwards. It is the end result that counts. Will we be sharing his life at the end of our earthly existence? The prize is worth it.

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