Thought of the Day September 24, 2021 Our Christian identity card

By 9:59 AM

"The identity card of a Christian should be the same in all respects as that of Jesus. And the Cross is what we have in common and what saves us. Because if each one o f us is not willing to die with Jesus to be raised with him, we do  not yet have a true Christian identity." Pope Francis

You have perhaps seen the TV commercial that asks: "What's in your wallet?" We have credit cards, a driver license, maybe our vaccination card, but do we have in our hearts the authentic identity card of a Christian? We can carry a cross around our necks, but it is the interior commitment to embrace the will of God in the present moment of our lives that indicates our true identity. This conforms us to Jesus as a Christian. We may never be martyred for our faith in Jesus, but daily we are called to die to self and live in Christ. Often this is hard. But it is the only way to share eternally with Jesus in his resurrected life. 

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