Thought of the Day April 18, 2022 Encounter and witness

By 10:22 AM

 There is a common thread in all the Easter appearances of the Risen Lord. In each, there is a personal encounter with Jesus in his resurrected life and a commission to witness to others this experience, attesting to the resurrection. Mary Magdalen sees the empty tomb and begins looking for the body of Jesus. Jesus appears to her. Initially, she doesn't recognize him, until he calls her by name. She wants to cling to him. But he tells her to go and witness to the Apostles the Good News of his resurrection and new life. Our encounters with Jesus are not to make us feel good. They are opportunities for us to share with others what God has done for us and wants to do for them. Encounter and witness. How often have we have had an encounter with the Lord, whether in prayer, on in Mass or in other ways and have not done more than enjoy it? We are called to be witnesses, not of the resurrection but of the love flowing from the resurrected Christ. Watch for those encounters. Then proclaim the marvels of Christ's love to others.

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