Thought of the Day April 28, 2022 God with us and within us

By 10:35 AM

 Jesus reveals many divine mysteries to us. He reveals that the God of the universe is the God who is with us and within us, both as a people and individually. When the Son of God became man he took upon himself our humanity and made his dwelling with us. This is how much he loves us. Though he ascended back to the Father, he told us that he will be with each of us until the end. He left us his Eucharistic presence as a reminder. But Jesus also said that he would send the Holy Spirit to be with  us and to be within us. This reality is accepted and experienced in faith. In Baptism we became the adopted sons and daughters of God, sharing his own divine life. Each time we receive the Eucharist we are strengthened in this life, as Jesus comes into us. The more conscious we become of God with us and within us, the more we will grow in union with God.

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