Thought of the Day April 25, 2022 Walk by faith, not by sight

By 9:43 AM

 God is present at all times in all places and circumstances. That is the nature of God. He is. He is the cause and continuation of every thing that exists. Yet, there are times as human beings we have a sense of God's distance and even absence. We do not feel that he is near. At those moments we feel alone an abandoned. These moments are actually grace moments to draw us closer to him. They are moments to remind us of our total dependence upon God, lest we take him for granted. 

Like Jesus on the cross we may cry out: "My God, my God, why have you abandoned me." Jesus was feeling the depth of separation from the Father, because he had become sin for our sake. But as he continued to pray Psalm 22, he acknowledged that the Father had not forsaken him and will raise him up from death. Even though in those moments we do not see nor sense God's presence, our faith in God's consistent and unconditional love affirms he is and will remain with us.  In the words of St. Paul, "we walk by faith not by sight." (2 Cor 5:7) Pray for that grace.

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