Thought of the Day July 3, 2024 Death, where is your power?

By 10:11 AM

 “In ancient times before the divine sojourn of the Savior took place, even to the saints death was terrible; all wept for the dead as though they perished. But now that the Savior has raised his body, death is no longer terrible; for all who believe in Christ trample on it as it were nothing and choose rather to die than deny their faith in Christ. And that devil that once maliciously exulted in death, now that its pains were loosed, remained the only one truly dead.” St. Athanasius of Alexandria

Before Christ, dead seemed final, at least that was what the devil convinced people.  Since Christ, for those who believe in him, death is a passageway to a new life. The only ones truly dead are those who die away from Christ, like the devil. Though they live, they live in alienation from God, which is the eternal second death. But those who die in Christ, continue to live eternally with God, sharing his glorious, eternal life. Given these two states after death, which do you choose?

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