Thought of the Day July 5, 2024 Humility

By 1:29 PM

 “Let them keep in mind, therefore, that there can be no humility without reproaches and mockery and anyone who feels ashamed of them …may as well abandon all hope, of being able to achieve perfection.” St. Anthony Mary Zaccaria (1502-1539)

How often we seek to be humble, but complain about the opportunities in our path that enables us to grow in humility! We don't have to seek humility, it will find us. A word, an affront, a slight, being passed over, and many other ways contribute to our growth or decline in humility. Ask for the grace to recognize the situation and to embrace  it in silence in imitation of the suffering Lord.  He was innocent. We are not. He humbly embraced the will of the Father even death by crucifixion for our sake. We are asked to do much less.

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