Thought of the Day July 9, 2024 Forge ahead

By 9:56 AM

 "Be humble. Trust always and a great deal in divine Providence; never must you let yourselves be discouraged, despite contrary winds. I say it again: trust in God and Mary Immaculate; be faithful and forge ahead!" St. Paulina of the Agonizing Heart of Jesus (1865-1912)


One of the consistent messages of the saints is that of perseverance in the midst of trials and difficulties, setbacks and misunderstanding from others. This was the message of Jesus himself in his own life and ministry. He remained true to the work the Father had given him, even if he had to suffer in doing it. Instead of being discouraged, he would turn to the Father for the strength to move forward. So too the Saints. So too we, saints in progress. “Be faithful and forge ahead.”

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