About Spirit Aflame

It is my hope that Sprit Aflame will serve to help you on your spiritual journey. I have titled it as such because of the role of the Holy Spirit in our journey as designed by God. Jesus came to be our Savior and Lord . The Spirit came to be our Sanctifier and Anointer for Mission. We may be more familiar with the role of the Spirit in our call to be holy. We may not be so familiar with the empowerment role he desires to play in our life as followers of Jesus.

This site will feature Tracts on Apologetics, Reflections on the Sunday Readings, Teachings, Q and A as well as a place to share your thoughts.

Jesus said that we are to go to the ends of the world, proclaiming the Gospel of Salvation. Our recent Holy Fathers have urged us to use the social media to accomplish this task. This is just one attempt to respond to both calls. Join me in this effort

Bishop Sam Jacobs