Thought of the Day March 1, 2016

By 10:29 AM

To forget is to complete the process of forgiveness. To forgive from the heart is the first step; to forget the pain and anger of the past hurt is the second step. God forgives and forgets as a simultaneous twofold sign of his mercy That is what it means for him to cast our sins into the depth of the ocean of his mercy. That is what he wants us to understand and imitate when he says, though your sins are crimson red, I will make you white as wool. As he show us such mercy, he commands us to show the same mercy by virtue of his grace. To forget does not mean to erase it from our memory, but rather to be free from the negative bondage that the event had over me. Our memory is like the computer. Though we delete something, it is still there, but not readily available for us. It would take some effort to retrieve it.

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