Thought of the Day March 24, 2016

By 9:47 AM

"Let us then, with full confidence, partake of the Body and Blood of Christ. For in the figure of bread His Body is given to you, and in the figure of wine His Blood is given to you, so that by partaking of the Body and Blood of Christ, you might become united in body and blood with him. For thus do we become Christ-bearers, His body and blood being distributed through our members. And thus it is that we become, according to the blessed Peter, sharers of the divine nature." (St. Cyril of Jerusalem) What a divine mystery! Today, we celebrate that first Eucharistic sacrificial meal. What the apostles experienced without fully comprehending, we also experience without fully understanding. Jesus comes into us and in the process continues the process of transformation: more of him and less of me. Reflect on this so that the mystery becomes more a conscious reality.

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