Thought of the Day March 31, 2016

By 11:08 AM

The women who went to the tomb on Easter were told to tell the disciples to go to Galilee. "For each of us, too, there is a “Galilee” at the origin of our journey with Jesus.  'To go to Galilee' means something beautiful, it means rediscovering our baptism as a living fountainhead, drawing new energy from the sources of our faith and our Christian experience.  To return to Galilee means above all to return to that blazing light with which God’s grace touched me at the start of the journey.  From that flame I can light a fire for today and every day, and bring heat and light to my brothers and sisters.  That flame ignites a humble joy, a joy which sorrow and distress cannot dismay, a good, gentle joy." (Pope Francis) Where did our journey with Christ began? That is our Galilee. What has happened on that journey? What did we hear, what did we learn, what did we experienced? Now see all in the light of the resurrection if we want meaning to all of it. Remember the past so as to live in the present with greater purpose.

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