Thought of the Day March 16, 2016

By 10:28 AM

"Some people think that sin is a stain, only a stain, something that you can have dry-cleaned so that everything goes back to normal.  the way you take a jacket or dress to have a stain removed: you put it in the wash and that's it.  But sin is more than a stain.  Sin is a wound; it needs to be treated, healed." (Pope Francis) How insightful! To see sin as merely a stain is not to understand the damaging effect sin has on us. If it is only a stain, we can take care of it. We don't need confession. But if it is a wound then we need the healing touch of a doctor to cleanse the infection and to apply the proper medicine. This is where the spiritual doctor, the priest, through the power of Jesus and in the name of Jesus, brings the healing grace of God's mercy to transform the wound into healthy, restored tissue.

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