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"If we have received good from the hand of the Lord, why should we not endure evil?" These words were spoken by Job in the Old Testament in the midst of tragedies and physical sufferings. Job may have been remembering another passage which said: "On the day of prosperity do not forget affliction, and on the day of affliction do not forget prosperity." Reflecting on these two passages St Gregory the Great commented: "For if a man receives God’s gifts, but forgets his affliction, he can fall through his own excessive joy. On the other hand, when a man is bruised by scourges, but is not at all consoled by the thought of the blessings he has been fortunate to receive, he is completely cast down." Both blessings and sufferings are part of life. It is easy for us to rejoice in our blessings but to forget them in times of difficulties. What sustained Jesus in his moments of difficulties was the words and actions of the Father at the time of his Baptism in the Jordan. "You are my Beloved Son in whom I am well pleased." Remember God's many blessings in the times of our sufferings.

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