Thought of the Day February 10, 2017

By 9:28 AM

"We can't be seated Christians, nor status quo Christians, nor stationary Christians. We must be courageous Christians who are on the move, always taking up the journey to seek the Lord’s face. Our Identity card as Christians is the fact we are made in the image of God. If we don’t take up the journey, we will never get to know the face of God. This isn't easy, because taking up the journey means letting go of many securities, many opinions about what God’s image is like, and to seek it. It means, in other words, to let God and life put us to the test. It means taking a risk, for only in this way can we manage to know the face of God, the image of God: to take up the journey”. (Pope Francis) What a daily challenge: seeking the face of Jesus! The journey involves letting go our pre-conceptions and fears and totally surrender ourselves to God's plan at this moment of our lives. Where do we find the face of Jesus? In myself and in each person we encounter, since we are each made in his image! That is why Jesus emphasized the love of the other as he has loved us. That is why Jesus stressed what we did or did not do for the least, we did or did not do for him. The challenge is to find Jesus in each person whom Jesus loves and that is everyone.

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