Thought of the Day February 9, 2017

By 9:50 AM

"It is not hard to obey when we love the one whom we obey."(St Ignatius of Loyola) This was the witness Jesus gives us in his total obedience to the Father even to the death on the cross: his great love of the Father. Where there is love obedience is not a burden. Without love obedience is a forced obligation which stirs up rebellion and resentment. Though God gave the people of Israel the two great Commandments--the love of God and the love of others--they failed to obey the Lord because their love was superficial at most. But those who fell in love with God embraced his plan in their lives. Is this the root of our own struggles? Is our difficulty in surrendering to the Lord in obedience to his will due to the fact we don't trust and love him enough? Love smoothes the way to obedience, to do the will of the other: whether the other is God, parents or spouse.

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