Thought of the Day February 28, 2017

By 9:56 AM

Tomorrow we enter into the penitential season of Lent once more. We begin our yearly
pilgrimage journey to the celebration of the Pascal mysteries of the death and resurrection of Jesus. Often in the past we have made sacrifices by giving up such things as coffee,
smoking, alcohol, TV, etc. But we couldn't wait for the end of Lent to return to these practices. Is that the real purpose of the Lenten season? I would suggest another approach to the 40 day experience. I would suggest that we zero in on one or two areas of sin in our life, with the intent of eliminating these from our life and not returning to them after Easter. If Lent involves a spiritual transformation, what is more fruitful giving up coffee for seven weeks and then returning to it or giving up sin and not returning to it? Our sin is what Jesus died for! It is our sin that Jesus is asking us to die to.

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