Thought of the Day March 22, 2018 Mercy

By 2:27 PM

The habitual sinner deserves the wrath of God. Instead, through the death and resurrection of Jesus, the repentant sinner experiences the gratuitous mercy of God. The criminal crucified with Jesus expressed remorse for his crimes, acknowledged Jesus’ innocence, and asked for mercy. This he received.

The parable of the owner who hires workers at various times during the day. At the end of the day, he gives the first hired the agreed upon wage. This is what is just. But he chooses to give the one last hired, who worked only a short time a full days wage. This was a sign of mercy.

God treats us with mercy and not justice when he forgives our sins. Justice would demand condemnation and eternal alienation from him. Instead, he casts our sins deep into the ocean. This is mercy.

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