Thought of the Day March 28, 2018 Gratitude for his love

By 9:20 AM

“He had the power of laying down his life; we by contrast cannot choose the length of our lives, and we die even if it is against our will. He, by dying, destroyed death in himself; we are freed from death only in his death. His body did not see corruption; our body will see corruption and only then be clothed through him in incorruption at the end of the world. He needed no help from us in saving us; without him we can do nothing. He gave himself to us as the vine to the branches; apart from him we cannot have life.”(St. Augustine) We can never equate love for love. We can only seek to imitate in an imperfect way seek to imitate perfect love. What we can do is to give continuous thanks for his gratuitous gift of his life for ours.

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