Thought of the Day March 8, 2018 Mary at the cross

By 10:22 AM

“Tradition has yielded another image of mourning that brings salvation: Mary standing under the Cross with her sister, the wife of Clopas, with Mary Magdalene, and with John (Jn 19:25ff.). We encounter here the small band of people who remain true in a world full of cruelty and cynicism or else with fearful conformity. They cannot avert the disaster, but by ‘suffering with’ the one condemned (by their com-passion in the etymological sense) they place themselves on his side, and by their ‘loving with’ they are on the side of God, who is love. This ‘com-passion’ reminds us of the magnificent saying in Saint Bernard of Clairvaux’s commentary on the Song of Songs (sermon 26, no. 5): God cannot suffer, but he can ‘suffer with.’” (Pope Benedict XVI) Mary probably said nothing. She join in the sufferings of her son, with full understanding of why. As much as she did want him to suffer, she chose to mourn with him over the sins of the world for which he was suffering. Like Mary, we are called to be there in silent ‘com-passion’.

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